<strong>Family</strong> goes beyond  our human relatives. <strong>Family</strong> goes beyond  our human relatives.
<strong>Family</strong> goes beyond  our human relatives.

Family goes beyond our human relatives.

Pet Nutrition

We at Nunn Milling Company are proud to offer our Nunn-Better, Butcher’s Best and Meridian branded pet food and treats along with our full line of bird food. We hope you enjoy the quality product we put into each and every bag!


Nunn-Better Products

Our line of Nunn-Better™ products includes several types of dog food, oven-baked dog biscuits, moist treats for dogs, two varieties of cat food and several blends of food for wild birds and small animals. There is none better than Nunn-Better™!


Butcher's Best Dog Food and Treats

When it comes to dog food and dog treats, Butcher’s Best™ has just the cut you’re looking for. With several formulas of dog food, dog biscuits and dog treats, we are serving up deliciousness daily!


Meridian Dog Food

We developed the Meridian™ line of dog food to offer our customers safe, trusted products that will give their pet a taste they want and nutrition they need. The meridian of quality pet food is where nature and nutrition meet!

Committed to Our Furry & Feathered Friends for 95 years



Still family owned, Nunn Milling Company is now in its 4th generation of leadership and one of only a few family-owned and privately held pet food and bird food companies in existence today.

USA Kitchens

USA Kitchens

With four family-owned pet food production facilities located around the USA, we follow rigorous testing procedures to ensure the highest levels of quality and product safety are met with every batch.

USA Kitchens
Balanced Nutrition

Balanced Nutrition

Our no-nonsense approach to pet food guarantees that your pet will receive balanced levels of nutrients, Omega fatty acids, and essential vitamins and chelated minerals to stay fit, healthy and energetic.

Our History

Family-owned since 1926

Our History

The Nunn Milling Company was founded in 1926 by the Nunn family as a producer of baking flour in Evansville, Indiana. During the 1940’s the company began using the basic ingredients from its flour milling operations to produce dog food and cat food. The pet food business grew rapidly and allowed Nunn Milling Company to expand from just serving the local area to shipping product throughout much of the United States. Still family-owned after nearly 100 years, Nunn Milling Company is now in its fourth generation of leadership and is one of only a few family-owned pet food companies in existence in America today. Our goal is to provide high-quality, nutritious pet food products to help keep your pet healthy and happy.

1926 | Nunn Milling Company Established

In 1926, Mr. Charles E. Nunn purchased the Harmony Way Mill in Evansville, Indiana, and established Nunn Milling Company. The plant was powered by a steam engine and initially only produced baking flour but that would soon change.

1930s | Poultry and Livestock Feeds

In the 1930’s the company began producing and selling a variety of poultry and livestock feeds. This drove the need for more ingredients so two more grain elevators were purchased which were strategically located closer to farmers who supplied grain.

1949 | Nunn-Better Dog Food

In 1949 the company started producing and selling Nunn-Better Dog Food. The pet food business started small but soon grew very rapidly and became the main focus of the company.

1950s | Nunn-Better Truck Fleet

In the late 1950’s, Nunn Milling Company had as many as 23 Nunn-Better trucks delivering product directly to customers.

1962 | Nunn-Better Corn Meal

In 1962 we began producing and selling Nunn-Better Corn Meal to add to our line of baking products. Demand for product continued to increase.

2016 | Butcher's Best Dog Food

In 2016 a line of dog food products was introduced as the Butcher’s Best line. The high-quality ingredients and fun kibble shapes resulted in these items selling very well.

2018 | Meridian Food for Dogs

In 2018 the company launched an exciting new brand of dog food called Meridian Food for Dogs. This premium line of food is grain-free and made from the highest quality ingredients.

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